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The European farming is facing a great challenge: How to maintain domestic agricultural production while cutting down greenhouse gas emissions? Agriculture accounts for about 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions at European level. A significant proportion of these (around 54%) is methane, most of which is produced by rumination and belching by cattle. In the EU area there are around 77 million cows on 1.8 million cattle farms. Each of these is a tiny point source of highly dilute methane, but the combined contribution reaches to total 158 MT CO2eq. of methane emissions annually. The CANMILK project is developing an innovative technology based on non-thermal plasma. This will help the cattle farms to cut down methane emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. 



CANMILK expects to achieve:

  • a simple, efficient, and cost-effective equipment for methane abatement at the dairy and meat farms
  • targeted overall cost below 80 €/T CO2eq.
  • targeted methane conversion of 90%
  • a good understanding of the socio-economic and environmental feasibility of plasma-based methane abatement
  • increased awareness of environmental solutions available for GHG-abatement in agriculture

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Key facts:


Duration (September 2022-August 2026)


from 5 countries: Finland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom

~ 3M€

budget from European Commission and UK Research and Innovation

90% targeted

methane conversion