Barn air measurements have started!

In mid-January 2023 the barn-air measurements started in partner Valio’s dairy farm in Pöytyä, Finland, which has 240 cows.  

The barn-air measurements are part of Work Package 4 of the CANMILK project. The measurements are carried out in the beginning of the project to collect and provide data for modelling tasks in WP5. The analysis is done with a laser-based technology. Both daily measurements and long-term measurements are carried out. In the daily measurements the methane levels and other impurities are analysed around the barn and on several height levels. The methane concentration is also measured from outside with a drone.  

In the long-term run, the analyser will be placed on a single position in the barn and measured for 1 – 3 weeks. The measurements are done both in summer and winter to gather information about the changes in the methane levels.